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Hello guys! This is my first story about how I seduced my teacher and had my first sex experience with her. Please share you views on my story in the comments below. First of all the name of my teacher was Preeti mam she was 5’6 not so fair a normal looking 40 year old mother and teacher but her assets were awesome her cup size were 38D fairer than her body her ass are round and big. She lives with her 8 year old son , husband and parents . Well about me I’m 18 year old and during this story I was 16 year old studying in class 10 my height is 5’9 and for information my dick size is 12 inch long . I am a footballer so I have quite a physique.

This all started in the first month of class 10 she was my biology teacher well she was normal looking and me and my class mate like any other teenage student had a crush on her although she wasn’t that sexy and our crush was also not that big but for me it changed one day she used to stay fully covered with saree with a pin attached her pallu to her blouse completely covering her chest a complete Indian formal wear . until one day I sat at the back of my class and the front two benches were empty as attendance was less and she was reciting notes while roaming around the class everyone were writing including me while she was coming toward my row I looked up out of tiredness of writing she was coming while reciting her pin was not properly attached suddenly it got removed and her pallu fell down at that instant my dick rose to its heights she unknowingly that I am watching again took it and pinned it properly within a matter of seconds but I and only I saw the whole thing her voluptuous boobs although not all still a very deep cleavage!!!wow!!

From that day my sights for her changed I used to fuck her with my eyes whenever I see her and used to masturbate thinking about her about everyday plus I was a early teenager and my testosterone level were at its height I wanted to fuck her anyhow but I was thinking how . I also joined her tuition and got to know her husband use to travel a lot and whenever at home would go at 8 and return at 8 and is a very short tempered man and even used to hit and his son would go to school and return with her and after that go to play at nearest field and return and mostly watch tv and her parents mostly stay upstairs and can’t come down due to bad knee no one would use to disturb her during her tuition classes. tuition went on for a month and my lust for her also just grew further mean while I came across Free Sexy Indians and I came across many stories of incest teacher maid group etc and I also came to knew that women too used to have feelings like we do for sex ,about Viagra ,about oral etc and my lust and pervert mind only increased so I planned for every possible way and finally came up with a 5 points plan:
1 I would find out about her sex life
2 I would increase her lust for sex that she would become out of control
3 I enter the scene and try to make a place in her heart
4 I would make her understand that sex with anyone especially a student isn’t a bad thing
5 Make her ready to have sex with me.

So it started I am a computer freak and I knew it will help me a lot in this
Step one :
I created a fake account by a name dr. sujata from delhi and send her a friend request at facebook . She accepted it and she asked how do she know me I said aren’t you preeti agarwal from ranchi she said no she is from singhbhum . I stated that it is ok if we don’t know each other and we can be still friends I started a casual conversation with her. I told her that I am a physiatrist and after she and I became friends even sent her fake photos using google and I once I said her if she ever need a treatment for stress or any other thing just contact me in FB we can chat and discuss and she agreed.

Now was second part of my plan. after tuition one day I carefully without anyone seeing me made a dent on her scooty front and one her husband car side . I thought he might blame her for this and the next day she entered the class room angry and remained sad I knew my plan worked . that same day at evening after tuition I repeated it now her husband would become very angry and would probably hit her and the next day she was even more upset and I knew my plan worked.

I messaged her that from fake account and she didn’t replied at first but 5 minutes later she replied now I was totally dependent on my wit
I(sujata): what happened you replied so late u r sad….
preeeti mam: how did you know??
I: I am a physiatrist you always reply within 10 seconds now u took 5 mins ther were probably two reason either you were sad or you left the computer after logging in I took a guess and I’m right
She:no everything is alright
I:you can tell me you’ll feel good its my work . now tell is it your husband
She: yes now how did you know?
I:you once told me he is short tempered and many women who come to me r because their husband’s anger or sexual problem .now tell me what happened ??
She:he beat me today as someone dented his car and my scooty and he thought I did it .
I:its bad don’t be sad rather help you got to learn to live with it .
She:its getting harder.i can’t manage it
I: don’t worry I’ll know you’ll manage as you did earlier
She: its getting harder I don’t know why?
I: you’ll have to do it?
She: how I’ll do it?
I: I will help you. first you got to tell me everything I ask about your relation ship without hesitation if take time to type it means you r thinking and that means you r not telling the truth so reply fast
I:how many child do you two have?
She :one
I:any other relative in your family?
She:my parents
I:so they live with you?
She :yes but the stay upstair and don’t come down and we hardly interact when I go to give them food the mostly watch tv
I:good now the questions r going to be little embarrassing still answer .
I:how many times you have sex with your husband recently ?
She: didn’t had sex
I: why
She : he is to busy with his work. he sleeps early and I don’t disturb him
I:and in the early time in your marriage how many time you had sex?
She:1-2 times a week
I: now I’ll tell you certain words tell the first thing that comes to your matter how weird of embarrassing it might be
She: red
She: chocolate
She: sex

I:I got your problem its that you are sex starved. Before you managed your husband because he use to give you a little sexual pleasure but know without it you can’t manage. admit it.
She:may be
after hearing this my heart was bouncing I know my plan is working perfectly and my wit and intelligence are carrying it perfectly .
Step 2
I:your only cure is try to persuade your husband for sex or you’ll find it more difficult to stay with it .
I: personally I would recommend you ,until you start to have sex with him again, watch porn and masturbate
She:no I can’t I am a mother and teacher
I: so aren’t you a human do it increase your sexual fantasy talk about it to your friend masturbate watch porn I myself am an mother still I masturbate .if you want to be stress free do it
She : no if I can’t talk about sex with anyone
I:talk to me see we haven’t met each other and don’t know whether we will or not so the awkwardness wouldn’t be there so talk about it to me I’ll tell you more about feelings and porn
She :ok
I:ok now tell me what’s your favorite position.
She: normal I don’t know about others
I:you haven’t tried you are a biology teacher you know more about reproduction than about its pleasue shame!!!
She:OK don’t be so rude
I:now tell me has he ever sucked your cunt
I:you are such a bore now I’m sending you some porn download it and try to masturbate next time I want an adult conversation than a new comer one.
I sent her some links and I still couldn’t believe me I did that and she talked like that
The following says we grew more frank and she turned more and more bold but she wasn’t able to have sex with her husband and this grew her desperateness more. Now it was time for Step 3 of my plan.

To be continued (tomorrow)…

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Stay tuned for part 2.


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